Terry Seamster

Terry Seamster, "the Salmon Master" is one of the best master guides for Chinook Salmon in the Pacific Northwest.

Terry has been chasing Chinook Salmon since a young boy and with 45 years experience Terry has seen it or done it all. He has been fishing the world from Alaska to the South Coast and if you are a Chinook Salmon you better watch out.

Terry has a kind heart and easy going demeanor, your fishing day will be filled with fun fish and laughs to make the experience one of enjoyment that you will talk about for years to come.
While you are in his custom built 25 Willie Raptor you will experience extreme comfort and safety while on your fishing trip of a life time.

When You ONLY fish for Salmon and you spend all your time fishing ONLY for Salmon, you eventually become a very good Salmon fishing guide. Some say Terry is the best. He's been fishing year 'round for Salmon now for over 45 years and Terry would like to show you what he's learned.

The best day landing fish while guiding in Oregon was 32 salmon before we harvested 18 I had two groups that day!
I have fished for salmon over 40 years and I believe that my new boat has taken me to the very limits of my ability and I am enjoying success on a regular basis.

Of course the record Spring Chinook that I caught in 1983 weighing 55
1/2 pounds is probably the most incredible experience of my fishing career.
A final moment in my career was my 2006 fall salmon season in which I landed 218 saltwater kings during the bubble and ocean season at Garibaldi that is not counting the many river fish that I took after the ocean season ended.

Terry has invented many of the techniques all fisherman use for Salmon today.

To his credit he has invented many of the techniques that Salmon anglers around the world use today, as well as the largest sport caught Spring Chinook in history. The record Spring Chinook weighed in at a mighty 55lbs 8oz which still stands as a record today.